For Jesse Thompson whose new single is out and is #9 on the Smooth Groove charts and moving up on the Billboard Charts. Congratulations, Jess on "Weekend Groove", Featuring Althea Rene!!!

JT Jazz
He’s sets an un-troubled mood, With his soul-soothing expressions, Combining deft keyboard moves with a Head-bobbing confidence, Helping us find that “Weekend Groove”.

Pulling musical notes From the language of muses Filling emptied spaces, Deadened by the constant stresses Of our harried paces

He reminds us, No calendar, need you obey. Transform each weary one into a “Weekend Groove” Kinda day

© Sylvia Welch
Jesse Thompson JT Jazz  is the quintessential musician. Having his say and producing music his way is what his newly released single “Weekend Groove” represents. His sounds is creative edgy with a unique flare. His impeccable sense of timing for this season in his music career really stands out.

I’ve known Jesse for years and his style is ever involving but he stays true to his roots bringing the highest level of technical music mastery on this track. His full well-rounded sound on keyboards and his supporting musical cast-mate flutist Althea Rene knocks it out of the park on his "Weekend Groove" track. You can put some HOT sauce on this musical dish it’s sure to please your music taste buds.

Music review written by Bridgette Lewis Executive Producer for CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio and Editorial Director of CoffeeTalk Jazz Magazine Los Angeles. CA March 4th, 2021

“Most smooth jazz enthusiasts would agree with Jesse Thompson’s feeling that the pandemic era livestreams by top genre artist offered a way to build connections with their fans that transcended what is possible in regular live performances. Truly another silver lining to the pandemic in the urban jazz world is that it allowed Thompson to showcase his talents as a solo artist for the first time after several decades making incredible music with NexLevel and some of the genre’s top stars. What started out as a way to bring joyful grooves in a time of collective anxiety has now evolved into an amazing, multi-faceted solo debut album that shines a spotlight on Jesse’s diversity as a composer, pianist and keyboardist. Now that we’re much better acquainted with Jtjazz, aka the Man Behind the Keys, here’s hoping his Inauguration is just the start of an incredible, productive and innovative new phase of his career.” –

Jonathan Widran

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